Meat Hungry People is a website that puts you in touch with users wishing to hang out during a meal.

Profile procedure. Sends and receives duo requests. Once the applications are accepted, you can start chatting.

The Meat Hungry People concept is reversed; you begin by setting up the location and date of your appointment and then you talk with the person.


You are an expatriate, new in the city or just want to go out for meet new people and discover special places around you? Meat Hungry People is here for you and also allows to :

  • Organizing appointments has never been so fast & easy. Forget long discussions which finally don't lead to actually meeting the person due to lack of time or forgetfulness.
  • Expanding your circle of friends has become a breeze! With the number of people located in your area, you just have to provide a place and a date.
  • Enjoy the opportunity of discovering special places and many great addresses to share with your loved ones.
  • Sharing your best pictures into your profile. The community will be able to view it and interact with.
  • Reviewing establishments
  • Unlocking profile badges

Meat Hungry People is completely free for users.

Establishment Owners (bar or restaurant)

Registration on the platform as an establishment is also free and allows them to offer their services to the community.

In addition, thanks to a detailed statistical system, they will be able to: 

  • See their restaurant's popularity vis-à-vis users in the region.
  • Know the number of appointments that have been made and those to come.

Creating a Restaurant Owner page also allows:

  • Access to the restaurant owners area to manage the restaurant's page
  • An ingenious special offers page (Notification) / GOLD member
  • Priority view of the restaurant (Spotlight) / GOLD member
  • Customization of the restaurant page
  • Customer reviews management / GOLD member

There is also a "GOLD member" offer that allows the restaurant to promote its page more effectively.

The Notification System

Notifications are displayed on the home page over the map (top right). This allows restaurant owners to promote their restaurant with a personalized message in order to increase their visibility and more easily acquire new customers.


The Spotlight System

The Spotlight is the scrolling banner at the bottom of the homepage. This allows restaurants to be more visible.

In addition, the restaurants displayed here automatically given a custom marker on the map (meaning they stand out visually).


Available on Android (beta)

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